Swallows of the South Prelude: Episode Two

Here is part two of our release day extravaganza! Audio quality is improving and tensions are rising as Rizzo, Ajax and Godwin are face to face with a gang of thugs! Can they remember why they’ve come for Tremulous Numen? Find out in this episode of Swallows of the South!!!

Swallows of the South Prelude: Episode One

This is part one of our release Extravaganza! If you have any reservations about podcast audio quality, please refer to episode two, as the audio is appreciable better from that episode forward. I’m so jazzed to have this out to everyone and to hear your feedback!

Meet the Swallows of the South, the most down and out heroes in the City of Djao Wei. When an old client’s husband goes missing, the Swallows begin to unravel a mystery bigger than any they had faced before.