Ragaras and River Pirates: Episode Twelve


This week we touch back with Ariston and Ajax, share plans, and tensions begin to rise.

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Swallows of the South: Interview With Ex3 Developers

I got the lovely chance to sit down with Exalted 3rd edition developers John Mørke and Holden Shearer about their work with the game, and the setting. Look forward to their work coming down the line and support John on Patreon!

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Ragaras and River Pirates: Episode Nine


This week Godwin comes to terms with what he has done, Iselsi Mayumi gives us parting words, and everyone regroups at Quinn’s.



Self Harm: 7:25-8:14

Family Abuse: 21:20-22:11; 24:12-24:26; 26:02-26:30; 27:28-28:38

Peer Violence: 24:26-25:17