Ragaras and River Pirates: Episode Two

Unfortunate news this week: next week we will not be releasing an episode due to some scheduling issues, but we are looking to establish a backlog to avoid this in the future! This week Ariston attempts to heal Hallowed Benefactee’s daughter, Godwin attempts to master the rules of rock, paper, Djao Wei, and we get a look at some of the undersides of living in Djao Wei, as the situation the city is in appears to keep worsening.

Ragaras and River Pirates: Episode One

Our first full arc begins this week! Meet the employees of Quinn’s(bless that sweet wolf’s soul), and the most unlikely of the sun’s chosen heroes : Ajax Ford: Investigation specialist and box turtle enthusiast; Ariston: Occultist and animal lover; and Godwin Corelli II: Musician and sad sack. The city of Djao Wei continues to blister in the waves of drought. As Godwin’s next door neighbor and secret crush comes calling for help, we begin to learn a lot about gambling dens and international politics.

Swallows of the South Prelude: Episode Six


Changes this week as we shift these episodes to the Prelude category. All future episodes will follow standard numerical order and should involve no more jockeying of players. Outside the pyramid, the Swallows prepare to enter, and bring some unexpected guests to find statues, ghosts, and any number of historical oddities.


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