Homecoming: Episode Eight

Things finish their resolution this week and we get time to reflect on what happened and where we go from here.

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2 thoughts on “Homecoming: Episode Eight

  1. Discovered your show about a month ago, love it! I hope Godwin can get through this mental state, looks like some kind depression/Borderline personality disorder to me 😦 … As an introvert, I identify a lot with Arristan and don’t quite get if, half the time, he gets bullied as a joke or if maybe I just don’t get his social faux-pas. English is my second language though, so maybe it’s just lost in translation.

    Anyway, love the show. Keep going guys and gals, your storyline is great and very realistic from a character development view.

    Maxime, Quebec city, Canada.


    • Hi Maxime! I am sorry it took me a hot minute to get back to you! I am glad you’ve been enjoying the show! I definitely can see where you’re coming from in terms of Borderline with Godwin– there’s a lot that I can see in him there. I’m always happy to see Ariston love! His bullying is often times a joke (but clearly it’s seated in a lot of Godwin’s own issues) and very rarely is it because of a feaux-pas he properly made.

      I am so happy you’ve enjoyed the show! Even if it took me a while, I really appreciate all the feedback we get. Sometimes, when I get comments or emails like this praising us, I have trouble responding because I am so flustered from the kind words! Again, thank you so much, Maxime!


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