Swallows of the South: Interview With Ex3 Developers

I got the lovely chance to sit down with Exalted 3rd edition developers John Mørke and Holden Shearer about their work with the game, and the setting. Look forward to their work coming down the line and support John on Patreon!

Follow John on Twitter @hatewheel and Holden @HoldenShearer

2 thoughts on “Swallows of the South: Interview With Ex3 Developers

  1. This was fantastic. John and Holden made me love this game even more.
    I loved John’s elevator pitch of the game. Is there a way to download this episode? Because I’d like to “yoink” that portion of the show to pitch this to some players, as all of us are new to the game.

    Thanks again, love your show!

    • Thank you! I am so happy that you enjoyed it! You should be able to grab and download episodes through here. If you have issues with that, please let me know and I will find a way to get you a download of the interview so you can share the pitch!

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