Rizzo’s Quest Episode Three

This week we follow Rizzo, Lia, and Tulio as they arrive at the highest peaks of the Tsuchistuyo Mountains amidst a gout of flame, and the consequences their arrival brings to bear.

Content warning for an honor suicide about 45 minutes into the episode.

Theme music is Koromogo-e by Kunai-Sho Gakubu: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

One thought on “Rizzo’s Quest Episode Three

  1. Great show.
    I have recently purchased my own copy of exalted 3rd edition in no small part because of this podcast. I’m funding it to be a daunting task to learn the system however, and do not know anyone who plays locally. Do you have any advice for exalted start ups?
    Regardless, love the podcast please keep up the great work

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